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8 Essential Tips for People Who Love Travelling In The Monsoon

“Let it rain. Let it pour. But don’t forget to explore”
 Monsoon brings in plans for the weekend drives or maybe a long vacation. Travelling in the monsoon can be an immensely rewarding experience but, most people aren’t born savvy travellers. So, before you pack your bags and get set for a vacation this monsoon, read these tips to make the best out of monsoon travels.
Brace yourself, because this is a long one!
1. Weather check? 
If you’re travelling during monsoon, you should check out the news or the weather update before you step out. Some areas tend to have mudslides and landslides during heavy rainfall in monsoon and low lying areas have a tendency of flooding up. So, it’s advised to check the news before you decide to venture out.
2. Go waterproof
 Always, carry an umbrella or a raincoat with you. While, this may seem silly and kind of an obvious point, it is a very important one. It’s always better to be prepared than get caught in a downpour, which ruins your clothes and your mood. Therefore, arm yourself with a raincoat or an umbrella before setting off to your trip.
3. Choose your clothes wisely
Pack plenty of light layers so you can pack them on for warmth in cold regions, or opt for less when you need to stay cool. Take the most comfortable clothes made up of nylon or synthetic material which dries faster, leaving you hassle-free. Modest clothing is the norm in India, so linen pants and light T-shirts are your best bet.
4. Ziplock bags
While packing for a monsoon holiday, make sure you use a waterproof bag. Keep all your gadgets well protected. Wrap your phones, MacBook, ipads and all other electronic stuff in plastic or place them in zip lock bags.
5. A first aid kit indeed
 Carrying a first aid box is extremely important, especially during this season. Stock it with basic medicines like cough syrup, tablets, antiseptic cream, and bandages along with a bottle of Dettol.
6. Visit the local tourism office
Local tourism people know about everything going on in town. They will let you know the free activities, places to visit, local food, events happening during your stay, and everything in between. Use this resource to make most out of your trip.
7. Avoid street food
Happiness is street food as it looks tempting and appetizing but, you need to abstain yourself from it. Street food is often out in the open and during this season is exposed to a plethora of germs and diseases.
8. Splurge a bit
You might a huge fan of budget travelling but as it is said “living on a shoestring gets old after a while”. Sometimes it’s nice to go over your budget. Book a few days at a luxurious hotel, eat out at a fancy restaurant or pamper yourself with a spa break.
Travel is full of major decisions, the destination, places to stay, and of course the budget. But beyond the big picture, these little tips that can make a trip easier and less stressful for you. We hope our tips will help you smooth the way on your next vacation.