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7 Ways to Make your Wedding Day Special

Every couple wants their wedding to be special, meaningful and memorable. It is a time of celebration of love to share with family and friends, that encompasses all of the joy they’re feeling and have a happily ever after story to behold.

Weddings are to be transformed into something that will be etched in the minds of guests, forever!

If you want to add some flair to your wedding, here are some ideas and ways that would help you make your D-day special.

1. Wedding Planner – When it comes to planning a wedding, it is no easy task.
Wedding planners can help you with your budget constraints and keep everything on track. Make your wedding less stressful and more fun and let the wedding planner do all the work.

2. Wedding Artists – Hire a wedding artist to make your wedding day more memorable. A live wedding painter to capture your ceremony space and your guests. Live sketches during the wedding will make everyone feel more included and the whole ceremony more intimate.

3. Dance Performance – Weddings are filled with music and dancing as everyone celebrates their happiness for the bride and the groom. But a highlight of the celebration occurs when the couple joins the floor for their first dance. Keep the tradition alive by preparing a dance performance with your better half!

4. Photo Session – From selfies, candids to bridal pose pictures are the best part of the wedding. In the hustle and bustle of the wedding, you may forget to pose with your parents and family. So you don’t miss out on some amazing clicks, block out a specific time to snap some photos.

5. Play wedding games – Guests at your wedding form the most important part. To keep your guests engaged and entertained during your wedding day’s downtime, plan some wedding games and fun activities.

6. Have a moment with each of your parent – Weddings are hectic. It’s hard to get some time with all of your guests between all the dancing, dining and revelry/ festivities, but you do need to carve out a few minutes to have a moment with your mom and dad. Thank them for all their help, love and support.

7. Fireworks – Firework displays can add an extra special touch to your perfect day. Make sure your venue has an outside space for the fireworks display to be possible. Gather all your guests for the firework and enjoy the moment.

Did we miss any other ways to make your perfect day special? We will love to hear from all you people who are planning for their own unforgettable day.

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